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Equipment Unlimited, Incorporated is dedicated to providing the highest quality auto shop equipment from name-brand manufacturers. Speedy service of all your equipment and customer satisfaction is our priority. We carry new automotive repair and service equipment by Accu-Turn, Rotary Lift, RTI, Industrial Gold, Curtis, Pro Cut International, Adobe Air, Norco and many more. If you do not see the repair equipment you are looking for here, please e-mail us and we can get it for you.

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Accu-Turn Wheel Balancers, Brake Lathes, Tire Machines and Wheel Aligners.

Accu-turn by Accu-Industries, Inc.
Founded in 1984 on the strength of the World's best performing Brake Lathe, Accu Industries has grown into one of the most dynamic, feature oriented Wheel Service Equipment lines in the Automotive Industry. Please visit the Accu-turn website to see all the wheel service equipment they have to offer. Equipment Unlimited, Inc. is proud to be a dealer of these quality products.
Model 8922 - Combination Brake Lathe
Our most popular combination Disc /Drum lathe. Simple to operate, single feed speed, single arbor speed eliminates any guesswork. Capable of machining all passenger, light and medium duty truck with appropriate accessory kits. Capable of flywheel work. Capable of producing machined work with flatness, parallelism and surface finish unsurpassed in today's market. And of course every Accu-turn lathe features the "One Cut" finishing capability that have made the name Accu-turn synonymous with high performance machining.
Model 8944 - Multi-Speed Combination Brake Lathe
Add extreme versatility in both feed rates and arbor speeds to our World Class model 8922 and you have the model 8944. The Accu-turn model 8944 Variable Speed Bench lathe incorporates Accu-turn's legendary one cut finish performance with the advanced capabilities that infinitely adjustable feed speeds and multiple arbor speeds offer the discerning technician. With three available arbor speeds, and infinitely adjustable rotor and drum feed speeds, you have complete control over the microfinish surface machined.

Model 3402 - High Performance Tire Changing Machine
Our least expensive swing arm tire changer, the 3402 will handle virtually all of your passenger and light truck work. With outside clamping to 18" the 3402 can handle most custom rims as well as most OE rims. Ideal for any low to mid volume shop. Handles tires to 40" diameter and rims to 13" width. Inflation jets are integrated in the clamping jaws insuring quick and safe inflation. Twin clamping cylinders provides more power to hold the most difficult rims. Optional Pneumatic Mounting Helper (Part #4502-000, Standard on Model 3402HP) provides exceptional ease and safety in changing low profile and run flat tire designs.
Model 3602 - High Performance Tire Changing Machine
Our most popular swing arm machine. With expanded outside clamping capability to 21"and a modified lower cabinet the 3602 and 3602HP with Pneumatic Mounting Helper (factory installed) will handle almost any job. Ideal for the low and mid volume shop doing a regular trade of custom rims and after market "plus" rim sizes. Swing arm design with unconventional cabinet shape requires less floor space in your shop. Two position bead breaker arm accomodates large wheels and tires. Twin clamping cylinders provide more power to hold the most difficult rims. 21" Outside clamping ability (capable of changing rim diameter up to 26" with optional adapters).
Model 5602 - High Performance Tire Changing Machine
Our best pneumatic tilt tower High Performance Tire Changer. Designed for high volume shops doing run flat, low profile and high speed rated tires daily. New expanded 25" outside clamping ability is standard. The automatic tilt tower design features pneumatic locks & mount/demount head retractors. The extra wide base eliminates turntable interference while bead breaking. The 5602 & 5602 HP offers a two position bead breaker for wider performance tires. Includes convenient storage bins with built-in gauge, hose and bleeder valve.
Model 1200 - Wheel Balancer
This compact dynamo of a computer wheel balancer offers all our core weight placement capability in a small foot print 110V power source balancer. Designed for the lighter volume facilities offering tire service as an added benefit. This versatile wheel balancer has five alloy modes including Tire matching program and PAX tire mode. Simple, fast data entry through up/down arrow buttons and variable speed measurement software reduces cycle time.
Model 1400 - Mid-Level Computer Wheel Balancer
Offering many of the advanced features of the premium balancers, with a reduced floor foot print and 110V power source the 1400 is the ideal mid-level balancer for the busier independent repair, car dealer or mid-volume tire shops. Features the Accu-stik weight application mode. Application arm holds the weight, and applies it to the wheel in the exact correction spot calculated. First time, every time ... No more guess work. The Hidden Spoke program recalculates weight amounts so that you may hide the weights behind the spokes for the most aesthetically pleasing balance job. Get paid for a premium balance job.
Model 1500 - High Volume Computer Wheel Balancer
Our most fully featured passenger and light truck balancer. With fully automatic parameter entry and 220V power source this balancer is ideal for high volume service facilities. Designed for the busiest of tire shops, car dealers and independent repair facilities. If speed, versatility and multiple operator capability is of use, this is your balancer. Features 3D Fully Automatic parameter entry (all 3 parameters enter automatically), with a raised display for durability and easy viewing. Multiple operator capability. Allows 8 operators to work the balancer at the same time, no loss of wheel parameters.

Model 2300

Model 2500

Model 2300 and 2500 - Computer Four-Wheel Alignment Systems
Designed to not only handle every vehicle, but also designed as an information resource on how to align both front and rear angles, the Accu 2300 and 2500 make every technician a 'front end man'. From professional to novice, Accu-turn's alignment machines guide you every step of the way.

  • Full motion adjustment illustrations guide you through adjustment procedures
  • Vehicle specific OEM wizards, show you the fastest way through the Mfg. recommended steps.
  • Integrated rear shim programs, four shim manufacturers included.
  • EZ-Toe, gives you tremendous versatility and ease in adjusting toe the fastest and simplest way; on wheels, in the air, wheels turned, wheels straight, single point or 2 point.
  • Cradle Adjust, guides you through cradle alignment to simplify the alignment correction in cradle equipped vehicles.
  • Ability to customize the alignment procedure to your personal preferences.
  • Standard database utilities; save the alignment results, recall results, build your customer list for future marketing initiatives.

Rotary Lift Systems, Two Post Lifts, Four Post Lifts, InBay and In-Ground Vehicle Lift Systems .

Rotary inbay Technology was selected as one of the Top 20 Products of the Year by Motor Magazine! Equipment Unlimited, Inc. is proud to offer these innovative lift systems for your automotive repair garage or service shop. Incorporating top-notch safety features and accessory packages, Rotary Lift Systems is your answer to vehicle lifting solutions. Visit the Rotary Lift website for more information and contact Equipment Unlimited, Inc. to fill your needs.

Light-Duty Two-post Lifts
Inbay technology improves productivity, safety, and bay management. The patented "double S" single piece construction column design provides a channel for the bearings to travel that maximizes the strength of the column and surface contact area of the bearing. The Rotary two-post lift allows maximum door opening for improved access to passenger vehicle interior and under dash areas. The true asymmetrical lifts have capacities of 7,000 to 10,000 lbs, with extended heights and low ceiling options available. The true symmetrical two-post lifts have lift capacities 9,000 to 18,000 lbs, with extended height options available.

Rotary Four-post Lifts
Versatility. It's the standard around which Rotary's four-post lifts are built. These lifts handle cars, vans, trucks - even light- and medium-duty commercial vehicles with equal ease. If you service a wide variety of vehicles, Rotary's four-post lifts are the right choice. Rotary's four-post models can give you maximum productivity.

Pro-Cut International On-Car Brake Lathe Systems.

Model PFM 9.0 - On-Car Brake Lathe Systems
The new Pro-Cut International PFM 9.0 Brake Lathes are simply the best in the automotive industry. The 9.0 has evolved from Pro-Cut's award-winning (two Motor Magazine Top 20 Tools awards and an Undercar Digest Top 10 Tools award) lathes. Its all-new computer board and program allow for even greater accuracy and faster compensation. The PFM 9.0 machines virtually ANY rotor on ANY vehicle on ANY lift in 9.0 MINUTES with unmatched precision and efficiency. Visit the Pro-Cut International website for more information.

We Sell and Service the entire line of RTI Technologies Products.

RTI Technologies manufactures top-of-the-line automotive service equipment. Air Conditioning recovery and recycling centers, Transmission Service Equipment, Power Steering Fluid Flushers and Coolant Exchangers, RTI builds them the best. Just stop by their website to choose the model you need, then contact Equipment Unlimited, Inc. We can get you the best deal and deliver the best service on any RTI Technologies product, guaranteed!

We Sell and Service the entire line of Norco Products.

Equipment Unlimited, Inc. can get you the Norco Professional Lifting Equipment that you need to make automotive repairs easier on you and your technicians. We carry the entire line of Norco Hydraulic Floor Jacks, Bottle Jacks, Transmission Jacks and Special Duty Jacks. We stand behind the automotive repair equipment we sell with timely service and added attention to customer satisfaction. Visit the Norco Website to select the right products for you and contact us today to fill your needs.

We Sell and Service Compressed Air Systems by Legris Transair, Industrial Gold and Curtis.

Industrial Gold, Inc. Air Compressors

Industrial Gold, Inc. manufactures commercial air compressors to power any automotive service station, garage or auto repair shop. Located in Joplin, Missouri, Industrial Gold Compressors carry the "Brute" cast Iron Two-Stage Pump. They have cast iron heads, cylinders, after cooler, intercooler and pump body with 5 individual concentric disc valves. The connecting rods are precision bored steel not cast Iron or aluminum and have Japanese world class full compliment needle bearings. The "brute" air pump contains an automotive-type, precision grounded crankshaft, Non-asbestos Armstrong USA gaskets and the deep pitch Flywheel results in a 10 degree cooler output temperature. Equipment Unlimited, Inc. can provide you with sales and service of the Industrial Gold 5 HP, 7.5 HP, 10 HP and Gas powered models that make these compressors a wise choice for your compressed air needs.

Legris Transair Compressed Air Distribution Systems
Legris is the world's leading manufacturer of connectors for compressed air distribution systems. Legris designs, manufactures and sells innovative quick connect solutions (connectors, pipes and tubing) as well as accessories for compressed air, vacuum and low, medium and high pressure fluid power systems. Transair is the division of Legris specialising in air pipework systems for new projects, for renovation, extension or modification of existing systems and for point of use connection. If you need a compressed air distribution system, visit the Legris-Transair website and contact Equipment Unlimited, Inc. for sales and service of these innovative systems.

Air Compressors

CURTIS manufactures a full line of high quality air compressors including Rotary Screw 5-300HP, Reciprocating 1-125HP, Oilless 3-10HP, and Portable 1.5-5.5HP. These compressors provide heavy duty cast Iron construction and the ASME Air Receiver is built With heavy gauge steel. They host a U.L. approved pressure switch and an OSHA approved beltguard which is totally enclosed. These safe-running compressors have ASME approved safety relief and discharge air service valves. Available in Vertical or Horizontal Mount configurations Curtis Air Compressors are energy efficient due to their low power consumption. An easy-to-read dial pressure gauge indicator keeps you and your empolyees informed on the performance of the compressor. Please visit the Curtis website for more details on any of the compressor models available. Equipment Unlimited will stand by you and your choice for your compressed air needs with quick service, reliability and dependable customer service.

We Sell and Service area coolers manufactured by AdobeAir.

AdobeAir is one of the world's largest manufacturers of evaporative coolers. In fact, we are a market leader in the U.S., Mexico and throughout the world. Sold through major wholesalers, contractors and leading retailers, our affordable and efficient MasterCool Plus, MasterCool II, WisperCool and Arctic Circle cooler lines offer excellent choices for every budget and cooling need from rooftop to tabletop. With AdobeAir, you'll save money and keep cool and comfortable for years to come. More information can be obtained by visiting the Adobe Air website to make the right decision for your application. Equipment Unlimited, Inc. can provide timely service and delivery of the model of your choice. We carry all the essential accessories to keep you and your technicians comfortable and cool during those hot summer months.

Equipment Unlimited, Inc. also carries all products available through Clore Automotive.

Marquette Professional Lifting, Booster Pac Portable Power Sources, Viper Air Conditioning System Service Equipment, Marquette Welders, T-Tech Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange Equipment. These are products of choice throughout the automotive aftermarket because they are designed to address automotive service needs and are manufactured to the strictest standards to deliver years of superior performance. Since its inception, Clore Automotive has introduced numerous technological innovations and a myriad of new products that address the needs of automotive equipment users. Equipment Unlimited, Inc. is happy to provide the automotive serviceperson with these products that will save you time and enable your business to produce more money.
Stop by the Clore Automotive website to see all the products available and contact Equipment Unlimited, Inc. to give you fast delivery and service for those products of your choosing.

We Sell and Service the entire line of AutoCare Enhanced Maintenence Products.

Enhanced Maintenance Products

AutoCare SL, Inc. manufactures automotive systems maintenance products. Their products include gasoline fuel system service, diesel fuel system service, intake system cleaning, transmission fluid exchange, coolant flush and exchange, and power steering fluid exchangers. AutoCare also provides cleaners and chemicals for most brands of equipment of this type. These quality products are all available from Equipment Unlimited, Inc.

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